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There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

-Victor Hugo

8minutes was founded in 2015 to help accelerate India’s transition to clean energy. As India reached grid parity, we began our mission to make solar energy affordable and accessible to a billion people.

Today, 8minutes energy consumers produce their own energy from their very own roof, setting a paradigm shift in the manner in which energy has been produced for over a century. Every home that chooses to switch to clean solar energy, makes a commitment to move forward to a better world for generations to come.

Each day we are breaking barriers towards mass adoption of clean energy by spreading awareness, building communities, creating financial incentives, and delivering cutting edge technology. We innovate relentlessly to deliver the most advanced products and solutions that are fundamentally changing the future of energy.






Mega Watt
Solar Assets Under Deployment

Million kWh
Energy Produced Annually

Metric Tons
CO2 Emissions Offset

Committed Towards Sustainability

Our people are a diverse team of technologists, engineers and finance professionals who are building the future of energy, where people are empowered to produce their own clean energy. We measure our work by impact, and we’ve set high targets for ourselves.

Dev Arora CEO
Anuj Gupta Chief Partnerships Officer
Bineet Singh Chief Operating Officer
Atul Singh Sr. Deployment Strategist
Harshit Poddar Deployment Strategist
Vishal Jain Chief Financial Officer
Karthik Narayanan Product Manager
Arjun Srihari Brand Evangelist
Uday Vir Singh Marketing Associate
Dheeraj Chaturvedi Account Executive
Deborshi Bhattacharya Mission Specialist
Neetesh Singh Deployment Engineer
Arjit Asthana Deployment Strategist
Sayan Mukherjee Project Manager
Jaydeep Sharma PV Design Engineer
Akshay Raj Talent Acquisition Specialist
Balagurunathan S AVP Sales
Rakesh Kumar VP of Partner Development & C&I Deployments
Karan Mehra Deployment Strategist
Damanjot Kocchar VP of Regional Customer Operations & Procurement
Gaurav Kamboj Jr. PV Designer
Prashant Kumar Singh Structure Designer
Rohit Kumar Assistant Manager Finance & Accounts
Sandeep Kumar Mission Control
Shubhendu Pandey Facilities & Maintenance Engineer
Sumit Sagar Permitting & Inspection Specialist
Vishal Goyal Technical Product Manager
Mukesh Tiwari Manager Finance & Accounts
Sunil Singh Engineering Manager
Jitender Kumar Jr. PV Designer
Dharmendra Singh Project Engineer
Pankaj Beri Graduate Engineer Trainee
Shivani Kapoor Inside Sales Manager
Subhrangshu Bhattacharya General Manager Procurement
Shekhar Singh Structural Engineer
Vippul Uppal Project Manager
Mohit Arora Project Engineer
Tarun Sachdeva Head - Projects
Gayrajan Kohli Head - Design & Engineering




We saw a need for a different kind of energy company, a shift from centralized points of authority to a complete decentralization in the production and consumption of energy. We follow a similar structure with our teams – with flat, decentralized teams, each with decision making authority and freedom to solve problems creatively.


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