Cleaner, More Affordable

Energy from your very own rooftop.

Solar energy has flown a plane around the world. And you are worried whether it’d run your air-conditioner?


No upfront cost.
Simply pay less for power than what you pay to the grid.


Why switch to solar

Power all day long,
(And all night too)

Your solar system is connected to the grid. This means your home has power even when it's cloudy, during a storm and during the night. The excess energy your solar system generates during the day is sent back to the grid. This makes your electricity meter run backwards and you can use that excess energy during the night.

Incredible savings

Having a solar system is almost like having your own private power plant. The savings you make with a solar system are incredible. You will also be insulated from the periodic rise in power tariff. Further, your solar system will generate enough power to run the gadgets at home including air conditioners and refrigerators.

Near-zero maintenance

Your solar system is as easy to maintain as cleaning your windows. The system comes with a 20-year warranty and will last you your lifetime.

Easy to install

It takes just a few days to install your solar system and power it up. All you need is some rooftop space.

How to go solar

Step 1

Solar consultation

Sign up for a quick phone chat with one of our friendly energy consultants and schedule a free solar consultation for your home. Our Energy Specialists will visit your home to take detailed measurements of your roof and gather technical information to assess your energy needs.

Step 2

Sign your agreement

We prepare a personalized Energy Savings Report with a custom quote and estimate of how much you will save based on your electricity bills and rooftop size. Your Energy Savings Proposal will include power generation, technical specs, payment plans, and warranties for your 8minutes solar system.

Step 3

Choose Payment Plan &
Sign Agreement

Choose the most affordable payment plan for your pocket, and sign the agreement. You could either pay upfront for the cost of the system, or simply pay for power with a small security deposit.

Step 4

Design & Installation

We design your system to custom fit your roof. Once you approve our designs, our certified energy partner will install the system on your roof, following procedures and quality requirements to ensure your system lasts for it’s entire lifetime.

Step 5

Net Metering &

After we place those beautiful panels on your roof, we will take care of all the permitting and the net metering approvals. Then your utility company will install a net meter which will connect the 8minutes solar system to the grid.

Step 6

System Commissioning

We turn on your solar system so you can start saving, and producing clean energy from your roof.

How much does solar cost?



Pay nothing upfront to have a solar system on your roof. You simply pay for power which is generated by your system at a lower cost than what you pay to the grid. You lock in rates on electricity bills and save more each year.

  •  Zero upfront cost for complete solar installation
  •  Pay only for solar energy consumed
  •  Locked-in rates for electricity for 20 years
  •  Earn money for excess energy generated
  •  20-year protection plan on complete system




You pay upfront for the solar system and nothing later and enjoy higher returns than putting your money into the bank.

  •   Pay nothing for energy generated
  •   Earn money for excess energy generated
  •   Fast return on investment within 3-4 years
  •   20-year protection plan on complete system
  •   Get tax benefits or subsidies from the government

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